• CTT Expo 2023  achieves a record

    CTT Expo 2023 achieves a record

    he 23rd International Trade Fair for Construction Equipment and Technologies СTT Expo exceeds the organizers’ expectations several times over in terms of exhibition space, number of exhibitors and interest from visitors. The synergistic effect of CTO Expo and COMvex, co-located with CTT Exp...
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  • Cylinder testing

    1. Cylinder Friction Test/ Starting Pressure The cylinder friction test evaluates the internal cylinder friction. This simple test measures the minimum pressure required to move the cylinder at mid-stroke. This test allows you to compare frictional forces of different seal configurations and diam...
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  • A brief introduction of CTT Exhibition

    A brief introduction of CTT Exhibition

    Annually  CTT Expo brings together market players of construction, special and commercial equipment, machines and vehicles, spare parts and service, as well as developers of technologies and innovative solutions for construction machinery at Crocus Expo – one of the largest and modern fair...
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  • Common problem of hard chroming

    Common problem of hard chroming

    Hard chrome plating is a critical process of making hydraulic cylinders. It is a highly specialized process involving chemistry, metallurgy, mechanical skill, deep knowledge and extensive experience. Once bad electrical connections or poor bath chemistry or pre-plate grinding or improper racking,...
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  • Cylinder Maintenance

    Cylinder Maintenance

    Yantai FAST is a professional manufacturer of 50 years experience. We have our own after- sale service team. For domestic service, we promise to arrive on the site within 48 hours. Following are some experience in cylinder maintenance. 1. We should pay attention to the surface of the piston rod ...
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  • Cylinder Painting

    Cylinder Painting

    Hydraulic cylinder components are given basic corrosion protection in form of a silane layer. This layer increases resistance, but also ensures good adhesion of the paint applied to it. During painting, cylinder tubes, covers and many accessories are given a layer of paint. In this way, we increa...
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  • Signals that a hydraulic cylinder repair is needed

    Hydraulic cylinders are a very important part of the machinery. Here are some common issues of hydraulic cylinders include: Strange noises If the hydraulic cylinder sounds more like a jackhammer, there may be air in the hydraulic fluid or not enough fluid reaching parts of the hydraulic circuit. ...
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  • Hydraulic Cylinder Broken

    Hydraulic Cylinder Broken

    Here we mainly listed the below 3 broken situations-Bush Broken or Rod Eye Broken or other Mount Connection Failure; Rod Weld fracture and Rod broken. 1. Bush Broken, Rod Eye Broken,or other Mount Connection Failure A cylinder is mounted through various methods: rod or barrel eyes, trunnion, fla...
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  • Common Problem of Telescopic Cylinders

    Common Problem of Telescopic Cylinders

    A.Missed stages of telescopic cylinders 1) There are several reasons that the dump truck cylinder may be missing stages of the extension or retraction operation. For example, the largest sleeve extends properly, but the plunger starts extending before the middle (or next larger) sleeve starts to ...
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  • All Set, Hydraulic Integrated Systems of Tyre Vulcanizing Machine from Yantai Future is ready to ship

    All Set, Hydraulic Integrated Systems of Tyre Vulcanizing Machine from Yantai Future is ready to ship

    Currently,  the custom-made hydraulic integrated system of tire vulcanizing machine ordered by a large-scaled Chinese tire manufacturer has been debugged equipped and ready to delivery.  It is an innovative project that required to upgrade the mechanical vulcanizing machine into a semi-hydraulic...
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  • Yantai FAST 50 years Milestone

    Yantai FAST 50 years Milestone

    Would you believe that it’s almost 50 years since Yantai FAST was established? In 1973, Yantai Pneumatic Works was founded as a National Owned enterprise. The first Pneumatic Cylinder was born also in our factory. After restructured in 2001, Yantai Future Automatic Equipments Co.,Ltd was built an...
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  • Cylinder Crawling Problem

    During the operation of the hydraulic cylinder, there is often a state of jumping, stopping, and walking, and we call this state a crawling phenomenon. This phenomenon is prone to occur especially when moving at low speeds, and it is also one of the most important failures of hydraulic cylinders....
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